Artisan Strawberry Vinegar

Local Strawberries

Strawberries are actually a surprisingly acidic fruit.  Our Cornish strawberries come from just up the road at Trevaskis Farm.  The vinegar they produce is fragrant, but powerfully acidic. We sweeten the finished vinegar to balance the acid.

Aged to Perfection

Artisan Strawberry Vinegar is sold live, containing the mother, and bottled to order after maturing in barrels for at least a year, mellowing the sharp strawberry taste to a more vibrant, fruity flavour, forming the perfect base for magnificent home-made Mango Chutney or any pickle that would benefit from a fruity flavour paired with a punchy acidity.

Artisan Strawberry Vinegar is available from our Store, or from,,,,, – or in the USA through Rogers Collection.
7 January 2024
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12 August 2023
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12 June 2023
Artisan Vinegar Company at Holleys Fine Foods

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