Artisan Cider Vinegar

A Local Harvest

The Cornish climate suits certain varieties of apple better than others. Some popular varieties don’t thrive here. Traditional Cornish varieties are ones which like the mild wet winters and the mild sunny summers. Some are sweet dessert apples, some sharp cookers, and some bitter cider apples. Those traditional varieties – such as Tregonna King, Cornish Breadfruit, Manaccan Primrose, Cornish Aromatic, English Codling and Hoary Morning – are what we use to make our cider.

Bunker-Pressed & Oak-Matured

After gathering our apples, we press our own cider here in the bunker using the same traditional methods passed down to us from the rich Cornish heritage of cider making. Once the cider is strong and dry, we ferment it again to transform the alcohol into a strong, sharp vinegar which is then oak-matured to develop the flavours. Sold live, with the ‘Mother’, raw, unpasteurised and unfiltered.

Great Taste Award 2022 2-Star Winner.
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