Artisan Damson & Sloe Vinegar

A Bushel of Plums

The ‘Kea’ plum is a variety of damson plum peculiar to a few locations in west Cornwall. We gather ours from an old Creekside orchard near Truro, and also from our own farm where we’re lucky to have a number of old Kea plum trees.
Damson vinegar


We press our harvest of damsons for a rich, thick plum juice with a strong cherry note, then ferment it down to damson wine till it is dry as a bone. We put this wine through our vinegar-making process and combine the resulting vinegar with wild sloes, infused in the barrel as the product matures. The finished vinegar is unashamedly dry, sour and tangy.

Packed with beneficial bacteria and all the nutrients of a pressed plum juice, with every drop of sugar stripped away and absolutely no added sweeteners, flavourings or additives of any kind, this is a condiment absolutely packed with goodness.
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