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The Artisan Vinegar Company is a genuine artisan producer, and we always aim to make the best quality products we can, with the fewest ingredients possible. After beginning with the best malt, fruit and honey we can find, all of our vinegars go through a months-long process that is as simple, natural and low-tech as we can make it. We always minimise our use of chemicals and additives, and after barrel-ageing the finished vinegar to perfection, we try to make our products available at prices we would be willing to pay.


In 2007 a question occurred to our founder Mark Nattrass – how do you make malt vinegar? With a background in craft ale brewing, he knew a bit about malt – but knew nothing at all about malt vinegar.

Some research unearthed something he didn't expect - nobody at all was making premium craft malt vinegar. With this in mind, he started to experiment - and, over time he developed the techniques that we use today to make our Artisan Malt Vinegar as well as all our fruit, honey and cider vinegars.

All of our award-winning vinegars are now made by Geoff Nattrass. Over the years the business has grown a little. But we are still a small, family-run outfit – and every drop of vinegar is still made from scratch, brewed, fermented, matured, bottled and packaged by us in our Old Nuclear Bunker at the very end of Cornwall.


We tend not to know where our product ends up. Most of it goes from us to distributors and wholesalers and we have no idea who they sell it to! So, unfortunately we can’t provide any details of stockists.

You can buy from us direct on this website – or via Amazon or eBay.

For Trade enquiries, best thing is to email, let us know what you’re after, and we’ll get right back to you.

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