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The difference between good wildflower honey and mass-market cheap-and-cheerful honey is striking - and it becomes even more obvious once you ferment the honey into mead. The fermentation process strips away the sweetness by turning the sugar into alcohol. With cheap honey, little more complex than golden syrup, there isn’t a great deal of flavour left once you remove the sweetness.  Take the finest wildflower honey, on the other hand, and once the sweetness is gone, the palette of floral scents and flavours are magnified.

Produce of Cornwall

Artisan Honey Vinegar is made from our own mead – which is made from 100% Cornish wildflower honey. Our honey supplier keeps hives along the north coast of Cornwall, where the bees can forage freely along the cliffs, hedges and orchards.

Live, unfiltered, barrel-matured – we sweeten the finished vinegar with a little of the same wildflower honey.

Great Taste Award 2022 Winner.
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