Artisan Blackberry Vinegar

From Hedgerow to Pantry

Starting with nothing but whole blackberries, we ferment these into a sweet dessert wine. The live acetobacter (commonly called ‘vinegar Mother’) works by taking the alcohol molecules and turning them into acetic acid, creating a rich, dark, flavourful vinegar into which we add a splash of the sweet blackberry juice to balance out the harshness of the acidity.

A Beneficial Condiment

Artisan Blackberry Vinegar, like all our vinegars, is sold live and unpasteurised, containing the beneficial bacteria which created it. This vinegar in particular may be liable to generate a harmless, fiber-rich jelly in the bottle once opened - don't worry if this happens, after you pick out the jelly (or eat it!), the vinegar is absolutely fine, this just shows that the vinegar making bacteria is still active in the bottle.

Artisan Blackberry Vinegar is available from our webstore, or from,,,,, – or in the USA through Rogers Collection.
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