Great Taste Awards 2020

Artisan Malt Vinegar has won 2 Stars in this year’s Great Taste Awards. The judges’ comments were
particularly gratifying:

“A walnut brown, cloudy vinegar. The nose delivers sweet notes along with acidity and hints of something
almost coffee-like. On the palate, there is fruitiness suggestive of apples, as well as a rich rounded quality
from the wood, coffee again and perhaps something almost balsamic, which softens the acidity. Malt
vinegar on another level.”

“Quite unlike any other malt vinegar previously tasted, this was a really interesting product to judge. With
an almost chocolatey/coffee note on the aroma, paired with an acidity and then malty, vanilla/bourbon
notes on the palate, this vinegar begged to be re tasted to see if any other characteristics would come
through. An intriguing product.”

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