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Keep it simple

All our fruit and honey vinegars start life as 100% whole fruit (or 100% Cornish honey). We don’t use any concentrates, or extracts, or flavourings, or colourings, or preservatives.

Take it easy

We take the raw ingredient and ferment it into a fruit wine (or cider). Then, using the same slow, natural process which we use to make our multi-award-winning Artisan Malt Vinegar, we transform that fruit-wine into vinegar.


Every drop is barrel-matured. Then it is drawn straight from the barrel – live, unfiltered, unpasteurised, unadulterated.
All fruit vinegars

Artisan Mead Vinegar

The key is to start with the best quality honey. All of ours comes from local beekeepers whose bees range over the coasts, moors, hedges and wild-flowers of Cornwall. The vinegar-making process strips away the sugars from the honey – they transform first into alcohol, and then into acid – leaving the floral aromatics of the honey balanced against the bite of the acid.

Artisan Cider Vinegar

The apple varieties which you find in small, traditional Cornish farm orchards are different to those you find elsewhere – varieties have been developed to handle the Cornish climate. So, we use Manaccan Primrose, Cornish Aromatic, Cornish Breadfruit, Tregonna King, English Codling, Hoary Morning.
We press our own fruit. The juice makes a strong, dry cider which, eventually, transforms into vinegar. Which is then barrel-matured. Compared to many other cider vinegars, you’ll find Artisan Cider Vinegar strong, with big apple flavour and aroma, and a good hint of oak.
Damson & Sloe Vinegar

Artisan Damson & Sloe Vinegar

We use a range of small plums – from orchard damsons, through slightly smaller bullaces, to the tiny, sharp wild sloes. Most come from the orchards and hedgerows on our own farm.
Once properly matured, the sharp tannins mellow out leaving a smooth, red-winey plumminess.

Artisan Strawberry Vinegar

We get our fresh strawberries from Trevaskis Farm. We pulp them and ferment them (the smell in the bunker at strawberry-time is divine).
They produce a light, fragrant, surprisingly sharp vinegar. Which makes a marvellous Mango Chutney!

Artisan Raspberry Vinegar

Some flavours are unmistakable. Put on a blindfold, and you’d be surprised how many flavours are hard to identify – but not raspberry. That big raspberry flavour comes all the way through into Artisan Raspberry Vinegar.
You’ll find other raspberry-flavour vinegars out there. Some of them are made by flavouring a cider or wine-vinegar base. Not ours – Artisan Raspberry Vinegar starts life as whole rasps – nothing else!

Artisan Blackberry Vinegar

For reasons we can’t quite work out, this is a pig of a thing to make. Something in the blackberries seems to react with the vinegar mother to generate great webs of blackberry-vinegar-jelly. Which blocks up all the tanks and pumps. It’s a terrible bother.
If it wasn’t for the taste we would have given it up as a bad job – but once all the mess is cleared away, the vinegar that’s left – it’s the best.

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